Set of 3 - Slatted Base - Finesso (90x200cm)

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Dimensions: 90 x 200 cm
Weight: 39 kg


Finesso Set: Sleep at Its Best!

The slatted bed frame Finesso with 90x200cm is available exclusively with us!
Complete your family bed with this set of 3 slatted frames. Flexible slats work with the mattress, absorbing the pressure exerted on it, especially when you change your lying position. For your upper body, ergonomics and comfort are particularly important. Therefore, Finesso has 25 flexible disc springs in this area. One hundred pressure points adapt to your body and sleeping posture perfectly.

In addition, the configuration of the elements ensures perfect ventilation. Choosing the slatted frame Finesso, you spoil yourself and will improve your sleep!

Product Details

3 pieces
size 90x200cm

  • Not adjustable (rigid)
  • Plywood frame (beech), dark brown foiled
  • The construction consists of 25 specially shaped, permanently elastic Tectel spring discs with different elasticity in combination with flexibly mounted spring slats
  • The innovative placement of the spring elements leads to exceptional flexibility with 100 individual lying points
  • the body-friendly arrangement of these modules in individual lying zones (selective shoulder lowering and pelvic comfort zone) ensures ergonomically correct, point-elastic comfort. Flexible lying comfort up to the edge area.
  • total height: 9,5 cm
  • spring slats: 14 pieces and 5 support slats with 5 discs each
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