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Enough Space for Everyone

In our family, everyone has a desire for closeness, but it became pretty cramped. The only thing that restricted us was our old, standard bed. Because of my height, I need quite a lot of space, and my wife deserves a quiet sleep after the colourful days with the children.
We still want to remain a couple as parents without always having a little someone squeezing in between.
We have been looking for a solution and haven't found one for this.
My DIY skills are limited, and I thought it was time to offer a professional and affordable sleeping solution for (large) families and their needs.

Invented for us

This is how the original RIMA family bed was developed:
My wife and I have four children. With a height of more than 1.9 metres, I am also a great father in this respect. Therefore, safety, closeness and bonding are essential to us - during the day and also at night.
So it happens that we are rarely alone in our bed as parents.

Closeness & Feeling Safe

We find it helpful to be close to our children when one of them isn't feeling well. Sometimes they visit us merely for a hug, while they prefer to rest and talk on other occasions. We cherish our bond with our children and enjoy the moments spent together.

An Idea Sweeps the World

After we created the original RIMA family bed, we also wanted to offer the solution to other families. 
Now, more than 4,000 families sleep in one of our beds.
We are happy our idea also helps other families have plenty of bed space and restful sleep!


More Information About the Original Rima Family Bed:

What Is a Family Bed?

Original RIMA family beds are extra-wide beds in which the whole family has plenty of room to cuddle up, read aloud and sleep. They are available starting with a size of 240x200 cm. All beds are also available in 270x200 cm. With our extension sets, you can extend your family bed by 80 or 90 cm. You will find the details with the respective bed.

Can I Use My Existing Slatted Frames and Mattresses?

Almost all standard slatted frames and mattresses with 80 or 90 cm widths fit our family beds. If you need more clarification, please ask us. We will be happy to help you. Suppose you want to completely re-equip your family bed. In that case, we offer you a large selection of matching slatted frames, mattresses and fitted sheets for your family bed.

What Are the Exact Dimensions of the Family Bed?

You can find all the detailed measurements for your family bed in the "Technical Information" tab for the respective article.

Is There a Gap Between the Mattresses?

The family bed has an inside width of 270cm/240cm. If you use 3 mattresses 90cm/80cm wide or one mattress 180cm/160cm and one 90cm/80cm wide, there will be no gaps between the mattresses. The mattresses are flush with each other and create a continuous lying surface. Of course, there are also toppers, mattress protectors and fitted sheets in sizes 270 x 200 cm and 240 x 200 cm for your family bed.

Family Bed With Storage Space

There are also under-bed storage drawers and nightstands to match your family bed. This provides extra storage space, and everything fits together nicely.

Safety in a Family Bed

As much as we like our family bed, it is not suitable for everyone. Experts recommend that anyone who smokes or has consumed alcohol should sleep separately. If you want to equip your family bed with fall-out protection, this is also available. You can mount the bed rail on the side or at the foot end. It prevents your baby from falling out of bed. A matching cushion with a cover is also available to make it comfortable. The bed rail protection is soft and pleasant on the skin.

How Does the Delivery Work?

In addition to the stated prices, we charge a fixed freight charge for postal or forwarding delivery. These shipping costs are clearly indicated in the shopping cart and the order page. Your original RIMA family bed will be carefully packed by us on a one-way pallet (210x100cm) and then delivered by the forwarding agent to the kerb. Deliveries to Switzerland: As one of our Swiss customers, you purchase your products from us without Austrian VAT. Please note that additional import duties may be due. These include customs clearance fees and the domestic VAT of 8%.

Do You Have Any Further Questions About the Family Bed?

We will happily answer any questions about your family bed and its equipment. Use the contact form or one of the other ways to contact us. We are here for you!