Have you ever been awakened by a little one lying across the bed? 
Here is the solution for you:

All Original-RIMA-Family-Beds...



... can be converted into a double bed without any additional spare parts. To do this, simply remove the middle headboard, footboard, and base for the slatted frame.

If you plan a bed with four lying surfaces, you can make two double beds out of it or assemble two beds and one double bed.

You need our conversion set to use the middle bed unit as an additional single bed. It contains two extra side panels, slats to attach and fittings.


Your Bed in Xxl Size...

... offers a continuous lying surface. As a result, the mattresses lie flush with each other. If you also want to close the gaps between the mattresses, use our bed bridge.

... can be extended as often as you like by 80 or 90 cm.


Your Extra Wide Bed for the Entire Family...

... is thoughtfully designed. The ranges differ mainly in their design and the headboards. However, they have one thing in common:
They offer plenty of space for cuddling and sleeping. Thanks to the sturdy workmanship, your family bed won't lose its cool, even if things get a little wild.


Original RIMA family beds are load-bearing. Therefore, each segment (90x200cm) is designed for a maximum weight capacity of 150 kg.

Even our beds have limits. For example, they are not suitable as a trampoline for teenagers.
We have now sold over 3,000 beds to customers large and small, light and heavy, and have never received a complaint that our bed did not withstand "normal bedroom" use. So Mum and Dad can cuddle without worrying :)

If you intend to convert your bed later with one of our sets, please order the conversion set simultaneously. Then, as technical changes occur from time to time, you can be sure that the set will also fit at a later date.