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JUST GREAT!!! The RIMA family bed is simply super! The assembly went quickly and was no problem at all. We sleep very nicely and restfully in it and have nothing to complain about!

Ina R., Kurdamm, Hamburg

Everything went very well. The delivery was announced on time. The assembly was very easy and took less than 30 minutes. Finally, all 4 of us have enough space. We are really very satisfied and recommend you diligently to friends and acquaintances.

Andrea B., Geestland, Cuxhaven in Niedersachsen

We have been using the family bed for a few weeks and are very satisfied. The assembly is done with the enclosed instructions and is relatively easy, even for non-manual workers. Conclusion: A clear recommendation to buy!

Andreas W., Bad Wurzach, Baden-Württemberg

We are absolutely thrilled with our family bed. The uncomplicated, fast and friendly handling was just great. The assembly was easy, and I could assemble the bed alone as a woman without any problems.

Elisabeth W.S., Tattendorf, Österreich

Ours has already given us many pleasant, cosy nights. Plenty of space to sleep, relax and snuggle up! The assembly went quickly and was quite easy. Thank you very much! We will recommend you to others! The well-rested family D.

Eva J., Brunnenthal, Österreich

We love the bed and enjoy spending time with our twins very much. We are very proud of our giant bed, and all the friends who visit us are equally thrilled. Thank you again for the smooth transaction!

Alexander S., Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt

II am 9 months pregnant, and it only took me 2.5 hours to dismantle the old bed and set up the new one! The assembly of your bed is completely problem-free and uncomplicated. I just wanted to tell you that as a very positive feedback.

Markus W., Auslikon, Schweiz

We got on well with the assembly, and the delivery went quickly. We are thrilled to have bought the family bed. Finally, everyone can sleep in a relaxed way. It's great that you can convert it back into a double bed later..

Familie K., Neumarkt im Hausruck, Österreich

The bed is super, simply brilliant! We are absolutely convinced by this bed and are annoyed that we didn't come across it much earlier. It would have given us many more nights of restful sleep.

Manuela B., Hürth, Nordrhein-Westfalen

We have had our family bed for 5 months. The new bed has enough space for all four of us, even if the children sometimes lie diagonally between us parents. We especially enjoy the size of the bed when cuddling and playing around! Thank you that you guys exist. ;-)

Familie R., Pulheim, Deutschland

We are completely satisfied! The bed looks high-quality, is stable and is wonderfully smell-free. What annoys us? That we didn't buy the bed when our son was born. We could have had such beautiful and relaxed nights of breastfeeding.

Marco M., Havré, Belgien

We are very happy with the bed and love the quality. It was also packed very carefully. Thank you very much for everything, we sleep wonderfully!

Jasmin W., Butzbach, Hessen

The assembly of the family bed was effortless and could be done by one person in just over an hour. We are really thrilled with the quality of the bed! We all really sleep very well and happily and more peacefully in the new cosy bed.

Familie C., Linz, Österreich

Our family bed is in use, and we are very happy about the purchase. We sleep well in it, and it has been admired by many. We are VERY satisfied! The bed is well-made, sturdy, stable and looks good. A clear recommendation for other parents!

Pia H., St. Oswald, Österreich

The bed arrived after about a week - very fast! The packaging & description flawless! But the assembly is really easy! We are overjoyed with the bed! Keep it up!

Thomas H., Mühlheim-Kärlich, Rheinland-Pfalz

We are very happy with our new family bed. We have already spent some quiet nights in it. It's a pity we didn't find the bed sooner! The workmanship is very good.

Familie R., Darmstadt, Deutschland

The bed is simply ingenious! We have set it up turned", so the headboard is fall-out protection. The 4 of us have been sleeping in this bed for half a year and have restful nights with lots of space :-). I can only recommend it!"

Familie K., Buchrain, Schweiz

We are a family with three children and very, very happy and satisfied with the RIMA family bed. The delivery and self-assembly went without a hitch; we highly recommend it. We have even slept in the bed with five of us :-)

Familie B., München, Deutschland

Our nights have become much more restful thanks to the bed! The assembly went well! Overall, we are super satisfied and would happily recommend you to others.

Peter H., Klosterneuburg, Österreich

The service and performance are top. The delivery was quick, and questions were answered quickly and reliably. We are very satisfied. The craft is immaculate, and the wood is high quality. We would order there again at any time.

Familie N., Linz, Österreich

The bed is absolutely wonderful, and we are annoyed that we didn't buy such a bed much earlier! We sleep much more relaxed than before, and we are very, very happy with everything! The fluffy fitted sheet is super cosy!

Familie S., Scheuerfeld, Deutschland

We've been thinking about a family bed for a long time and have seen many Ikea hacks", mattress camps and do-it-yourself versions on the internet. Then somehow, I came across RIMA via Google. We are very happy with our purchase and strongly recommend it to others."

Sina K., Engstingen, Deutschland

The package arrived perfectly packed via a forwarding agent. Assembly was well described and quickly done in the evening. Super quality of the fittings and the material supplied. Even the trampoline parties of our children do not impress the bed!

Manuela N., Linz, Österreich

We are very happy with the bed. The assembly was actually quite easy. We can say that it is a great bed. It's especially great for our twins.

Kerstin S., Graz, Österreich

Now that we have so much space, everyone sleeps all night in our new family bed, and it's just wonderful! We have slept through the night for the first time in three years and don't want to do without the bed again.

Familie K., Rebstein, Schweiz

We are very happy with the family bed and find it a great improvement in our quality of sleep and, therefore, quality of life. It's a pleasure to fall into it every night. Our room is now what it was meant to be, an island for our sleep. The family bed is a dream come true!

Martin E., Dasing, Bayern

A dream bed!

Richard, Wien, Österreich

The bed arrived safely and also very quickly. We found the separation into numbered packages perfect. It took two of us about 2 hours to assemble the bed (including cleaning up). We have been sleeping in the family bed for a good 2 months and are completely satisfied!

Nicole L., Würselen, Deutschland

We have already spent some restful nights our family bed and are very happy about this purchase. No one is excluded or feels disadvantaged" having to sleep alone. A really great product that delights us all around! "

Familie S., Petershagen, Deutschland

Hello dear team! We love our RIMA family bed, and the nights are a dream! We would NEVER NEVER give it away again. The quality is top. We are fans of natural wood, and your price for the quality is more than fair. We are really happy!

Familie S., Baden, Österreich

We are very satisfied with the original RIMA family bed. Everything was great, from the order, email confirmation, and fast delivery to Denmark. The four of us have been sleeping in the family bed for about 3 weeks now. We are super happy! Recommendation!

Denise T. ,Dermbach, Deutschland

The bed is lovely, and we love it and are very glad we bought it. The assembly was done by me and was logical and easy. The wood is very beautiful and sturdy, lasting at least a lifetime or much longer. Thank you very much for this!

Janine D., Aue, Deutschland

We have had our family bed made of Swiss stone pine for a week now, and we can already say: WE LOVE IT!!!!! We all feel very comfortable and are much more rested in the morning. The assembly was very quick. Absolutely recommended!!;0 custom;testimonial-text-39;We have had our family bed since December 2016! The assembly was relatively quick, and we are also very satisfied with the quality. All in all, a top product! Thank you very much!"

Eva M., Pfahlbronn, Deutschland

In general, we are very satisfied with handling the purchase, delivery and customer service. Overall, the bed is wonderful to sleep in, and we are very happy we bought it. We don't want to miss it anymore and would recommend it immediately!

Bente M., Hamburg

WWe have to thank you for everything going so smoothly. The delivery also went without a hitch. Everything was perfectly packed. We are super satisfied and are sleeping to fifth at the moment! Thank you very much!

Sylvia B., Bremen

We only have a small bedroom and love our family bed! In any case, we sleep more relaxed now when the littlest and/or the big one stay with us!

Familie F., Bensheim, Deutschland

We are sooooooo happy! And sleep like in heaven! May our family grow ... :-)

Bastian K., Neuss, Nordrhein-Westfalen

We have already slept in our new family bed and wondered why we hesitated so long with the purchase. The shipping company delivered quickly and reliably on the agreed delivery date. My husband was very pleased with the assembly instructions.

Anne-Kathrin S., Zell am Harmersbach, Baden-Württemberg

A heavenly family bed Ideal for parents who also like to have their children with them at night. Everyone has enough space for a restful sleep. Very nice workmanship and easy to assemble. You simply have to recommend it!

Familie T., Deutschland

A wonderful family bed - finally, the five of us can sleep comfortably in one bed! The bed is very beautiful and also smells very good. With the mattress cover, we now have a large area without a gap in between. We are thrilled!

Familie G., Neumarkt an der Ybbs, Österreich

We are delighted with the bed and the quality of the craft. In addition, our sleeping comfort has increased appreciably since we started using the bed, as there is now enough space for everyone. So, overall, we are pleased with the decision!

Gregor H.

We have spent the first few nights relaxing in our family bed and are really enjoying the new sleeping comfort with enough space for everyone. We are thrilled with the bed! It's just a shame that we didn't pick it up much earlier.

Familie S., Ihrlerstein, Deutschland

Everything arrived safe and sound, and the assembly could be carried out by one person alone without any problems. We want to take this opportunity to thank them for their excellent customer service!

Familie H., Neuss, Deutschland

The delivery went really well. We were informed in advance by telephone. The assembly also went without a hitch. We especially like the topper and the large bed sheets. They make the new bed even more perfect.

Familie K., Rott, Deutschland

We have had the family bed since last summer and are totally satisfied. The purchase, delivery and assembly went smoothly. And there is nothing better than waking up next to your loved ones in the morning and seeing happy faces.

Bernd W., Mönchberg, Deutschland

The bed arrived on time and without damage. They even thought of protecting the bed from the cutter knife (when opening it) with chipboard. The assembly was unproblematic and was done in about 1 hour. All thumbs up!

Daniela P., Neustadtl, Österreich

We are very happy with our family bed. We sleep wonderfully.

Familie W., Schweiz

We are so happy about our new family bed - the best Christmas present we could have given ourselves! The wood feels great, smells good and is crafted beautifully. Thank you very much ;-)

Familie B, Lauda-Königshofen, Deutschland

Everything worked perfectly. We are very happy with the bed! Keep it up ;-)

Familie L., Berlin, Deutschland

We sleep very well in the bed. It's quite something else to have such a nice big bed. We are very happy with it. Especially my daughter, who always jumps on it a lot. Everything worked out great and I would always recommend your company.

Edi H., Graz, Österreich

We have 2 daughters, and both have slept in bed with us most of the night since the beginning of their lives. The bigger they got, the cramped it was in our bed. Since December, the new family bed in Swiss pine has been in our bedroom. It smells so wonderful! We are completely satisfied.

Andreas A., Weistrach, Österreich

The four of us have now spent many nights together in it and are still thrilled. The assembly went smoothly and quickly. The bed is stable. It stands firmly on the floor and doesn't creak. And it is so beautiful and so wonderfully large!

Larissa P., Kematen in Tirol, Österreich

We are very satisfied with the bed and the assembly also worked wonderfully.

Simone R., Flonheim, Deutschland

We are very satisfied with the bed, and the assembly worked wonderfully. We have been sleeping in it for several weeks and are more than happy. We have 2 children and can now cuddle extensively ;-)

Frank B., Obsteig, Österreich

The bed arrived exactly one day before our holidays. I put it together yesterday and everything was tip-top. It's a great thing and everything fitted perfectly. Thank you very much.

Andreas C., Gau-Bischofsheim, Rheinland-Pfalz

We are very happy that we found the RIMA family bed and that the four of us can cuddle and sleep. You are giving us wonderful family time with it!

Familie S., Grevenbroich, Deutschland

The bed arrived in Germany 3 days after we ordered it. We have been sleeping in it for almost a month, and every night has been very restful. Great quality and workmanship! Thanks to the entire RIMA team for bringing us this restful sleep ;-)

Katrin M., Pfullingen, Deutschland

After more than eight months with our new bed, we wouldn't want to miss it! Finally, everyone has enough space to sleep! We sleep wonderfully and our son also loves his big bed". It is also perfect for jumping. We are happy to recommend it!"

Johann D, St.Georgen am Ybbsfelde, Österreich

We have had our family bed for a year now. Meanwhile, 4 of us sleep in it, and we all love it! It was simply the best decision! Since we got our mattress topper, we slept even better! We are always happy to recommend the bed!

Familie R., Pertisau, Österreich

We are very happy with the bed. Since we have this extra 90cm to sleep on, it's really a pleasure to go to bed again. Our twins also like the bed very much. The assembly was simple and easy to manage.

Martin G., Seebenstein, Niederösterreich

We have been enjoying our nights together in the original RIMA family bed for almost a year. Thank you very much for this great piece of furniture! We are thrilled that this bed enriches our little family very much and can recommend it to every family!

Familie L., Winsen, Deutschland

Assembling the bed was quite easy because the parts were really well packed and labelled. The instruction manual also helped, as it was very clear. We have already spent many relaxing nights in our family bed - thank you very much.

Familie N., Aalborg, Dänemark