Slatted Bed Base | Frame - Aviono Flex S

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The Spring of a Good Night's Sleep!

Instead of the familiar slats, Aviono Flex has 55 disc springs. These are the ultimate solution for a comfortable and restful night's sleep. The disc springs, made of Tectel, are placed strategically throughout the mattress to provide targeted support where you need it most. The springs flex and adjust to your body as you move, providing customized support that helps to alleviate pressure points and reduce tossing and turning. They ensure not only a good night's sleep but also maximum durability. The mattress rests directly on the movable plates (spring discs). Therefore, the contact area is significantly smaller than with conventional slatted frames. Thus, the base perfectly adapts to your body, and the mattress is ventilated to the maximum. If you tend to sweat while sleeping, you will be thrilled with Aviono Flex!

Product Details

size 90x200cm or 80x200cm

  • Not adjustable (rigid)
  • Beech plywood frame, dark brown foiled
  • The construction consists of 55 specially shaped, permanently elastic Tectel spring elements with different elasticity (for width 90 cm)
  • The arrangement of these modules into individual lying zones (selective shoulder lowering, lordosis support, pelvic comfort zone and heel lowering) ensures ergonomically correct, point-elastic suspension
  • The innovative placement of the spring discs makes for exceptional flexibility with 220 individual lying points
  • heel comfort zone
  • flexible lying comfort up to the edge area
  • total height: 8,5 cm
  • spring slats: 11 support slats with 5 plate elements each
  • 10 years warranty by the manufacturer
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